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Rancho Lone Mountain Storage

6501 West Lone Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89130
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[Star][Star][Star][Star][Star] 4 Stars - 9 Reviews
4 Stars - 9 Reviews
Great place. don't expect any support from the staff.
Jack K Maxfield
January 19, 2022
All phone calls either go unanswered or take multiple days for a response. Phone etiquette is non-existant. My last actual connection via phone involved the agent complaining about being alone and "doing it all". Although I empathize with her situation; her troubles are not my concern. Voicing those to a customer is a major breach of decorum.
Ray Jemison
January 1, 2022
I was a good renter for many years. All of a sudden I get a 60% increase. Hard to get an Owner to explain this. Manager does her best and is very nice. corporate is NOT. I do not recommend this facility. They are absent and expensive. Rate increases are shameful. Especially in these times.
Impossible to get a hold of anyone.
Rich K
April 23, 2021
Called numerous times only to get voicemail. Left numerous messages and haven't had a call back. Emailed them and got no response
no prices available to view on webpage
July 25, 2020
great customer service! Thx!
May 4, 2018
Happy to meet such professionals!
Great Place to rent storage!
April 25, 2018
This is a great place to rent a storage unit. The prices are lower than others in the area. It is clean and the management is great to work with. We moved from another storage unit that was sold to Shield Storage Co. It was disaster after it was sold. The rates went up, the place was always dirty etc. We now have three storage units at Rancho Lone Mountain Storage and couldn't be happier.
Under New Management
April 24, 2018
NEW Management Team! We reserve the right to refuse business with dishonest people. We stand firm for our company and treat each customer with the up most respect. We invite you to come meet our awesome team and check out our clean and well maintained facility. Please Note: Move in Specials and Discounts are only on select units that have five or more units available for rent (must qualify).
Absolutely! Great place and good price.
Carol Collin
April 24, 2018
Wow, I was shocked when I read some of the reviews as these reviews are not the experience that I had at all! First off, the picture of the couple is old, they aren't there anymore. On my first visit, I asked if I could use the restroom and the answer was yes, of course. The restroom was clean, smelled great, all of the supplies for a restroom were present and it was nicely decorated. I've interacted with both of the ladies in the office, and I must say, they are both classy ladies. They are very (professional, very nicely dressed (business casual), are very courteous and knowledgeable and have never used any language other then professional. The storage units and the entire grounds are very clean. No trash anywhere. The interior areas are excellent if you are looking to keep art work and furniture in a climate controlled environment. I moved from two storage units to two different storage units. I wasn't really sure what I would need until I unloaded all of my belongings. I was never treated as thought the move to different storage units was a problem. When reading reviews, I have to consider the source. Are these people angry? Did they not get a BIG enough discount? People are always looking to get something for nothing these days. This is a business and it is in fact run in a very professional way.
dishonest company...
April 24, 2018
went to this location today as we needed two 10x20. Manager Lucy told us that she would give us a 10x20 for 184 per month and the second 10x20 for half price. we told her we could measure our items and call her to within an hour. I called numerous times and left a message. no response, finally I reached her and she said she would call me back within 10 minutes. 2 hours later someone else from this location called and said they would not give us the 2nd storage unit for 1/2 off. ******we do not deal with dishonest businesses. we found another storage place that is honest.
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